What are some tips on filing an auto insurance claim?

Tips on car and homeowner claims Keep all receipts for repairs you make to your damaged property. Do not perform permanent repairs until the adjuster has inspected the damage. Ask the adjuster for an explanation of the offer to settle the claim. Keep receipts for the items you replace.

Many people know that you should get as much information as possible about your accident. Get witness information and contact information for the other driver. Take pictures of the damage on both sides so that you can resolve any confusion later. Insurance companies prefer that customers file claims as soon as possible.

And it's wise to do so anyway, before the damage has been muddied up or the witnesses to the accident have disappeared. States can set firm deadlines for filing claims, which can range from one to 20 years. Soft tissue injuries are a cause for concern even when a bumper is hit, and injuries raise the stakes when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Some states' no-fault auto insurance laws mean that there is no need to determine who is at fault to receive insurance payment for minor injury claims.

In addition, some states are not at fault and require that all drivers have protection against personal injury, eliminating the need to file a claim with another driver's insurance company.

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