How Long Can You Wait to Make a Claim After an Accident or Disaster?

In Texas, the statute of limitations for car accident claims related to injuries is two years from the day of the incident. This is the same as the state's standard for most personal injury claims. However, this time frame can vary significantly depending on the type of disaster or hazard. Homeowners typically have one year to file a claim, but this can be extended up to six years in some states.

Floods are managed differently since they are handled by FEMA. Other specific loss insurance may also have different rules, depending on the policy you have. In some states, the type of personal injury claim may also affect the time limit. For example, certain defamation tort cases and lawsuits involving minors (people younger than 1 year old) may receive longer terms, while prescription laws for medical negligence may grant shorter terms.

Similarly, some state legislatures have increased or completely eliminated the statute of limitations in certain contexts of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual crime. Under the legal concept of tolls, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit for injuries to a minor does not begin to run until the child turns 18. For example, if Pat is injured in a car accident when he turns 17, he will have three years to file a lawsuit for injuries sustained in that accident.

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